About Us

A Story By The Founder, Edmond.

It's fascinating to see the slight differences in people's fashion sense over the years. There are individuals moving along with trends and appreciating the classic designs that never fail. In contrast, there are those who are always in search for things that express their individuality. Throughout my 23 years of life, I can confidently say I have experimented with both sides but never have I found a local brand that brings a sense of individuality while sticking with timeless designs that I love.

I started Kozai Design in hopes to do just that - create sleek classic designs while drawing inspiration from elements that bring individuality to someone's style and story. Each design has a meaning, a tale and a life lesson from myself or my team. We express our stories through the creation of jewelry and share them to those who can relate. 

The Motivation

I have always wanted to create and leave an impact on this world. This is a company I started in my cousin's living room and like every business, it was a mere thought that became a reality once I told myself to "just do it." But I was missing one thing – my motivation.

At the time, I had started a new job and truth be told, I was already worn out. I craved for something different, a change of pace, a new thrill, something I am sure a lot of you are feeling as well. This was when I discovered the term "Karoshi". The phrase means "sudden death caused by overwork" in Japanese. Albeit a little dark, I connected with this as I got a taste of the fast-paced work culture myself. It's terrifying to imagine the strict work cultures in other parts of the country. It's frequent to find employees sleeping on floors of subway stations just to get an extra hour of sleep in Japan. That is why at Kozai Design, we strive to help alleviate the social issues surrounding "Karoshi" across the globe with our first capsule titled "Karoshi". It's our way of taking the first step to tackle this issue while combining and contrasting strict work culture to something I really enjoy - classic, timeliness jewelry. 

To all the supporters of Kozai Design, you are the reason why we are able to keep striving towards our goal, allowing me to do something creative with my life. I can't find the words to thank you enough! I personally respond to our emails and messages on Instagram and I would love to listen to your thoughts! If you are interested in our products, our story or want to provide your own insights, I am happy to chat!

Lastly, if you have any other questions or suggestions for how we could improve, please feel free to say "hi" via our email at info@kozaidesign.com or on Instagram @kozaidesign!

Learn more about the social issues surrounding Karoshi here!